Every man needs an essential list of items you’ll have for the rest of your life, the kinda stuff your grandchildren inherit. This is my list. I don’t recommend the exact same items, you can adhere your tastes and style to each item on the list but you should at least have an item resembling each section. This is just the first of many entries, I’ll continually add items to the list in the future, hopefully by the end this will be a reference for what you imagine when you look at a completed closet.


Gant Diamond G

If we learned anything from Don Drapper, its that this is the most essential form of clothing you can have, so essential that you need a whole desk drawer devoted to a stack of these. My go-to would be the Gant Diamond G Pinpoint Oxford. Gant basically invented the button down shirt you see today, so it’s only natural that you would go back to it’s origins. There’s nothing better than the crisp feeling of a new white button down, and there’s no better way to get that feeling every time you put one of these on than with a Gant shirt.


Thom Browne

This is the shoe you throw on to go to the office, If it ever gets to be routine, make it an every day thing to throw these on. A brogue is your best bet for a semi formal “going into the office” shoe, and this particular one, the Pebbled Leather Classic Long Wingtip by Thom Browne, is by far the best you can buy. This shoe can be worn with basically anything, from suits to jeans and a T-shirt its the perfect accent for your wardrobe.


Acne Gibson

The leather jacket has been a staple since the 50’s, and ACNE does the best modern day rendition. You can end up spending a lot on a leather jacket, so making sure its going to last you the rest of your life is important. This specific one, The Gibson, will keep going until your buried in it.


John Elliott

Sweatpants are possibly the greatest invention man has ever made, but there’s a difference between these and the give-up on life pants that the kids who peaked in high school wore. In order to be considered sweatpants they have to be able to be worn with a topcoat and look good. These are the best you can find, the John Elliott Escobar Sweats. These aren’t only the most comfortable thing to grace your legs, you can also wear them to work and you would look just as professional as if you wore a pair of denim.

Escobar Sweatpants / Black


Margiela Tee

White tee’s are a necessity. Period. This one is probably the most comfortable you can buy, but if you don’t like the price, there’s always American Apparel.

Margiela Cotton Crewneck.


Saint Laurent

This is probably the most timeless piece on this list. Saint Laurent has created the perfect silhouette with the Heidi 30 Chelsea. This boot can literally be worn with anything and it gives you the option of playing it down or using it as your statement piece. There’s no doubt that this boot is in the game for the long haul.


Tom Ford

Every man needs a tux, this is what you’re getting married in and it’s whats going to turn heads when you walk into any black tie event. A tux is supposed to be black but the best ones are actually dark blue. If you need a tux, it better be Tom Ford. If it’s anything else its just bush league.

Tom Ford. Windsor Base Peak-Lapel Tuxedo.


Stubbs and Wootton

This is what you wear with your tux. No socks. Black of course. Otherwise these are your around the house, going to get coffee shoes. Stubbs and Wootton does them the best now, but Rugby did them better. Please throw away your slides and pick up a pair of these.


Gant Hopsack

Every person needs a navy suit. If you want to pretend you’re still in prep school you can get it with gold buttons. Otherwise buy a Thom Browne. If you are still a child on the inside and you want to show it on your outside, Gant’s Hopsack suit is perfect. It’s wool but the hopsack material wisps away sweat which makes it a year round suit, personally don’t wear it in 90+ weather unless you want to suffer, but 80 degree weather is fine.


Acne Studios

Denim is your best friend. It’s everybody’s. ACNE and APC used to be the best but like most great things, they’ve changed. If you want to be a snob book a trip to japan and hand pick your denim down to the specific Oz. otherwise ACNE will be fine. I personally like my denim insanely skinny and cut perfectly to the top of the shoes I’m wearing. My go-to are ACNE Studios Pin Black. These are actually women’s jeans. They fit the best and It’s kinda a thing to wear them now since Thugger started wearing Women’s Balmains. If you want to follow trends you should get on the band wagon now, otherwise if you’re like me wear them always, trust me, you won’t go back. But make sure you get high waisted denim, you’re going to need the room.


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