The Red Hat


Alexandre Mattiussi, founder of AMI Paris, is in a love affair with a red bonnet, or what we would refer to as a beanie. It plagues his collections and it’s on his head as close to 24/7 as you can get. But why is it so important to him?


Credit: The Cousteau Society



Commandant Jacques Cousteau and Crew. January 1954. 

I suppose it goes back to Jacques Cousteau, ocean explorer extraordinaire, filmmaker, and environmentalist, with his own obsession for the red bonnet. Circumnavigating the world upwards to fifteen times in his life, Cousteau was known for his little red hat which very rarely left his head.

Steve Zissou

Bill Murray as Steve Zissou. Wes Anderson’s ‘The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.’ 2004.

With inspiration from a childhood hero, Wes Anderson created Steve Zissou, a character based off Cousteau himself.

Through Steve Zissou, Alexandre solidified the almost obvious notion that the Red Bonnet would become the centerpiece and staple for his new brand Ami Paris, and with that the Ami Red Bonnet was born.


Photo: Alexandre Mattiussi


Photo: Collection One.


Photo: Red Bonnet. Spring Summer 2016.


Photo: Red Bonnet. Summer Wool.

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