Uniqlo X Hana Tajima

I draw inspiration from many aspects of life, encompassing different times, places, people, and culture. This picture may be my strongest inspiration to date. It depicts Hana Tajima, a British-Japanese Muslim designer, during her collaboration with fast fashion giant Uniqlo. The collection dropped in Southeast Asia with great success in 2015, and will begin to be sold worldwide in late February.

Muslim culture in the world today, especially with the increase in Islamic Refugees, has witnessed a staggering increase in negativity. Misconceptions are easily spread when uneducated and ignorant people are the majority in your country.

Addressing these misconceptions is Hana, an extremely artistic designer that draws inspiration from her own culture and brings it together with the minimalist movement popular today. Her collection with Uniqlo, set to drop February 26th in the United States and Britain, will offer up traditional hijabs in muted colors as well as more modest western pieces like asymmetrical hemmed dresses and flared jeans.

A prominent fallacy is that Muslim dominated countries are largely misogynistic, when in fact many countries with a Muslim majority have more women in their governments than in the United States. This misconception is garnered on the idea that a hijab is shielding the world from the body of a Muslim women; that their bodies are only to be seen by their husbands. In reality, it proves that women are more than just their bodies, they are their ideas, intelligence, and fortitude. A hijab simply proves that western culture solely puts influence on the importance of women’s sexuality when they criticize a hijab. This is not necessarily a bad thing, a women’s sexuality is beautiful, but its not for others to decide weather it’s to be made public or private, a hijab is simply privatizing a women’s sexuality, and its her own job to choose whether she wants it to be private or public. By wearing one, she is simply expressing her want to privatize it.

This is not to say there isn’t problems in the Muslim world that affect women in a disastrous way, but these are not problems within Islam, these are problems within countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran who use Islam as an excuse for misogynistic culture. Note the differentiation between problems within religion and problems within countries.

Hana is combating these stereotypes in her own way, and its an inspiration to see such a huge company, like Uniqlo, realizing her talent and helping her accomplish her dream. I am definitely going to pick up some pieces in larger sizing here, but be sure to check out the collection, and pick up some of the more androgynous pieces yourself if you can incorporate them into your closet.

The pieces I am going to pick up are below. I recommend going with the mustard tops and the navy pants.

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