J.W. Anderson Single Knot Tee


J.W. Anderson launches SS16 with a beautiful collection based on a muted color palette, combined with simple plays on basic items like this Single Knot Tee. The collections main components include cropped trousers, flair shorts, cropped jackets with elongated sleeves, and printed tees.


Aligning itself with what would be referred to as the “style” right now, J.W. Anderson somehow creates an distinct designing pattern that differentiates his collections with the collections of others, even when they’re producing such similar designs. This can be contributed to two things, the magic behind the collection and knowledge of the coexistent quality of business and design. The magic behind his collections is unexplained, each presentation has a sweet aroma to it, a distinct feeling as well, even if you’re sitting behind a computer. Anderson tells a story through clothes in a way that no other designer can. He’s simply making the same clothing everyone else is in the market, adhering to the “style” of the season, but he brings it one step more and makes it his own, its not just clothing, it’s a lifestyle.


The second contribution to his ability to differentiate from similar designers, is his ability to manipulate his design in order to adhere to the consumer directly as an individual, not as a conglomerate. Jonathan Anderson is a businessman first, and a designer second, an ever evolving idea that will become necessary for creative directors to adhere to, moving forward in the industry.


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